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Bridging the Gap: The Journey to Closing Service Gaps and Delivering Excellence

Updated: Jul 26, 2023

Fixing gaps in your business service is of paramount importance for sustained success and customer satisfaction. These gaps represent areas where your business falls short in meeting customer expectations or delivering on promises. Addressing these gaps is crucial.

Each interaction between a potential customer or a customer whether through your team, your product or service creates a perception of your business and defines how you are experienced.

Use these three buckets to help identify service gaps:

1. Your Team - Who’s helping you carry out your business operation?

Create an environment where your team is empowered to show up! Your customers are the blood of your business and your team are the limbs - create the space for them to show up. Non-Toxic, Fair, Transparent, Fostering Environment

Provide your team with the necessary tools to complete the business need. Tools are important for fulfilling the service expectations of your customers.

  • Ask yourself what tools are needed to fulfill the services needs of your customers and make sure they are available to your team in the form of training, verbal information, or physical tools.

2. Your Systems - What’s helping you carry out your business operations?

  • Reevaluate your systems. The systems you have begun your business with may not still align with your business needs now.

3. Your Execution - What steps are you taking to fulfill your customer needs?

Create Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). This will allow each team member to know processes and expectations on how to execute a part of your customer journey.

  • Not all processes need a SOP, but begin by creating of lists of those that may

  • Decide how you want to describe the processes listed (narrated or illustrated)

  • Compile the information needs to create the procedure

  • Decide how you will use, review and revise the procedure

  • Write, review and finalize

  • Implement!

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