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The PESO Model: What Are The Four Media Types?

It's important for clients to understand what platforms are available to them and how they are being used for their needs. This blog identifies the types of media and provides examples of each. Public Relations and Marketing professionals are familiar with the PESO model, although used differently in marketing, generally it is an intricate component in effectively building awareness, promoting, and increasing traffic to brands. Used successfully, the PESO model establishes authority, your brand is perceived as a thought leader and expert.

What is the PESO Model?

The PESO Model represents the four types of media—paid, earned, shared and owned.

1. Paid Media: In PR it is social media advertising, sponsored content, and email marketing.  For example, Facebook or Instagram ads.

2. Earned Media: Is all about publicity or media relations. It focuses on placement, getting your name in print, having a newspaper or trade publication write about you or your business. 

3. Shared Media: Shared media essentially is social media. Using social media platforms to communicate and strategically push curated content. It creates opportunity for engagement within your business community.

4. Owned Media: Is content and a platform that you own such as a blog or your website. Owned media is controlled by you and affords you the opportunity to tell the story in a way you want it told. 

Each client needs will differ, however, PESO will be utilized in the capacity that best fits business needs and goals.



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