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What the Hell is Public Relations and Why Do I Need It?

Public Relations is defined and interpreted in many ways. You Are Your Own PR defines public relations as the process of building, maintaining, and promoting a positive reputation of an organization, a company, or an individual with the general public, but most importantly their target audience. 

Think of PR Professionals as a middle-person between a business and the public. They are strategic communicators, professional storytellers who use earned, shared, and owned media to create opportunities for reaching a desired audience. 

Why Do You Need Public Relations?

To reap the benefits of PR, you must have patience - it does not happen overnight. Public Relations helps you define your brand. It changes the way people think about you, it defines the message of your business to build awareness and credibility. Having a consistent message builds trust, maintains your reputation with your customers and attracts new ones.

A strong PR campaign creates recognizable messages for your business across multiple platforms which increases sales, awareness, and credibility. It takes years to build credibility and a positive reputation, however, it can be lost in a matter of minutes if disaster strikes or an issue occurs with your product or service - PR also plays an intricate role in damage control! 

PR is figuring out ways to build relationships, whether it's with a reporter or social media influencer. Essentially it is helping them to understand your message and how their audience can relate to you or your business. PR professionals help their clients achieve incredible things and overcome the roadblocks to success. Creating positive relationships with the right media outlets is essential to creating the trust needed for success. 

You need PR to take your business to the next level!



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